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The Perfect Pair: 7 For All Mankind's B(AIR) Authentic Denim Dojo in Fate

I still remember when I fell in love with these jeans. They arrived, surreptitiously, in a style box one summer afternoon. The rationalist in me immediately brushed them off upon looking at the price tag. But that was before I put them on. That was before they slid, like butter, across my curvaceous thighs, widening rear, and middle-aged pooch. And they zipped without a hitch. Lumps and bumps? No match for these supreme jeans. With enough stretch to be comfortable, but not enough to be falling off your hips at day’s end. They were everything of my denim dreams. I was especially sad when I packed on a few too many pounds and had to let them go. But they’re exactly the kind of classic that you pull out your credit card for to buy again and again.


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