Personal Fashion Stylist, Tuesday M.

About Me

I've been helping women say yes to a dress for over a decade. In that time I've learned a lot about women, style, and why we shop (or don't shop!). I've learned that no matter how small, how large, or how old we are, we all have hang-ups about our bodies. I've learned that what we wear really does say so much about who we are. And I've decided that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

After helping hundreds of women find the perfect dress, working with designers and buying teams to source the ultimate gowns, and educating myself on the fit and construction of so many pieces of clothing, I wanted to do more. Women shouldn't just feel exquisite and stylish on their wedding day. They can - and they should - feel and look amazing every day!

On this blog, you'll find helpful notes about defining your style, how to shop, and where to find the accessories to pull it all together. I'll also throw in some inspiration because sometimes the only accessory you need is a smile.

And it will always come from me, your stylist, with love.

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