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Spring Fashion Must-Haves: Embracing Basics for a Wardrobe Transformation in 2024

So, let's rewind to last year, the year I said goodbye to 25 pounds and, subsequently, bid adieu to my entire wardrobe.

Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit.

But not by much.

I'd spent years curating a wardrobe that matched the weight I'd settled into. It was like we were soulmates, my clothes, my weight, and I. But when the weight began to shed, the relationship fell apart. And I got left holding the bag (full of ill-fitting clothes).

As we cruised into 2024, I finally faced the music and did a closet overhaul. Let me tell you, it wasn't the joyous experience you might imagine. Out went the clothes that were tents on me, but also out went everything I had loved. There was heartbreak. There were tears. But it all had to go.

Now it's like I'm back to square one. And guess what? I'm not prepared for the chaos. There are gaping holes in my closet. Every day is a struggle to get dressed. Where are all my jeans??? But hey, that's life throwing you curveballs, right?

Honestly, it's not all bad. Turns out, I'm ready to shake things up a bit. I'm ready to embark on the journey of rebuilding my wardrobe from scratch. Why? Because I'm ready for a bit of transformation in my life (see last year's weight loss). And, according to the gospel of reality TV, any good transformation starts with a fresh wardrobe.

First up: the basics. I'm talking tees, tanks, and little black dresses – you know, foundational pieces. The essentials for getting dressed. Basics are like the building blocks of fashion, hence the name "foundational pieces." They give your wardrobe something to stand on. With a good set of basics, you can build outfits that lean into your unique style.

So this spring, my wishlist is, well, pretty basic. And you know what? I'm fine with that. Embracing the basic life is my path to a comeback. Here's what's on my (quite basic) spring shopping list:

Note: Items in this post have been hand-selected by me and may contain affiliate links. I may earn a commission or other benefit from items you choose to buy. This comes at no cost to you but does help support this website and other social endeavors. Thanks in advance for your support.

Eight must-have fashion basics for Spring 2024

  1. OLD NAVY Oversized Button Down Boyfriend Shirt Stripes: Basic. Button-down shirt: Basic. Striped button-down shirt: Basic +


  3. J. CREW Marlow Sandal Anything that feels like a fancy Birkenstock is an elevated basic. Also, who knew that Birkenstocks would become an essential basic?

  4. EXPRESS Editor Mid Rise Relaxed Trouser Pant It's the relaxed vibe that makes these basic trousers feel hella cool.

  5. CARIUMA Catiba Pro Low Sneaker Perhaps the least basic item on this list. Because it's the coolest skate shoe I've ever seen.

  6. Z SUPPLY All Day Knit Denim Shacket No one is getting applause for owning a denim shirt. They're everywhere. But a denim shacket? In a super soft knit? That's something to write home about.

  7. PACSUN Medium Indigo Wide Leg Jeans So fabulous that they are beyond basic.

  8. GAP Shaker Knit Cardigan Boring, but oh so good. Who's ready for some eclectic grandpa chic?


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