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Splurge Or Save: Summer Dresses

Note: This page contains affiliate links, meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you.

Looking for summer dresses, but not sure if you should splurge or save on them? My quick answer: SAVE. Let me tell you why:

Summer dresses are designed for quick, easy dressing. That means you're going to reach for them time and time again. By the end of the season, they'll likely be a little beat up or worn out. So, search for budget friendly options at places like Target, Ross, or Nordstrom Rack. Also consider "like new" or "new with tags" options on ThredUp. Make sure they can stand alone as a fresh, summer look, or will dress up with a jean jacket or a blazer. Search out dresses that will hold up to at least 12 wears and are easy to care for. Buy two or three and you should be set for the season!

P.S. - When I'm purchasing easy, summer dresses, I like to keep them under $50, or an average cost per wear of $4 or less. The more wear you can get out of them, the better deal they are!


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