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The VERY Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide: 12 Fashionable Amazon Items That Will Arrive On Time!

If you're one of those people who started shopping in July, this post is not for you. If you even started back in November, this post is not for you. This one is for the real procrastinators. For the ones who don't bother with Christmas shopping until they hear the distant jingle of Santa readying his slay. In other words, this is for the folks who put their faith in Amazon Prime and a fully stocked Target (as if that exists, lol!). This is for the people who perform best when they are up against the clock. This, my fellow procrastinator, is the gift guide for you!

I trekked through Amazon (you're welcome) to find gifts that 1) would ship in time for Christmas, 2) were affordable (in case you were like me and procrastinated because you didn't have funds), and 3) people would actually like or use. Is it me or are there a lot of gift guides out there with a ton of crap on them? If anyone sees a gift guide for men that isn't full of wallets, grilling accessories, and whiskey stones, let me know. Of course, at the end of this exercise you may think my list is full of crap, too. But if you're two days out from Christmas, do you have time to be judging me? You have shopping to do!

One last thing of note: this guide leans towards more fashionable gifts. I'm a fashionista and I can't help it. But if everyone on your list isn't as style minded as they should be, this guide might inspire you to find other fun things for your loved ones.

Finally, if push comes to shove, no one doesn't love a digital gift card. Amazon for the win!

Merry Christmas, happiest of holidays, and good luck!

P.S.: Items in this post have been hand selected by me and may contain affiliate links. I may earn a commission or other benefit from items you choose to buy. This comes at no cost to you but does help support this website and other social endeavors. Thanks in advance for your support.

P.P.S.: As of the publishing of this post, all items were available and scheduled to arrive before Christmas. Apologies in advance for anything that is out of stock or no longer available to arrive before the holiday. If you're in a crunch, check your local stores for similar, in-stock items.

For Women Of A Certain Age: Studious Reading Glasses

These got passed around at a recent White Elephant exchange and we were all in awe. If you're a person of a certain age, you will appreciate these. I can't tell you the number of friends I have who are in denial about their eyesight. Mostly because they're afraid of the dreaded reader. Pshaw! I say. A chic pair of readers clears up so many things (so to speak). I love these because of their convenience and slim design. They slide right into this magnetic case that sticks to your phone (where you need them most). And, believe it or not, they stay put! These tiny readers stay on your nose and give you that air of being more adult than you are.

For Women Who Can't Stop/Won't Stop Scrolling: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Speaking of eyes, in this ultra digital age, let's protect our peepers from all that nasty blue light with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. These were highly rated on Amazon and I love the classic look. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of gifting a pair to myself as my eyes are worn out from doing all this last minute shopping online (this is not a task for the faint of heart - or faint of eye!)

For The Woman Who Wants To Feel Like Her Purse Is Organized, Even If It Isn't: Slim Card Case Wallet

Getting a card case style wallet was the best thing I ever did for my purse. Not only is it slim enough to fit into the smallest bags (or back pockets), but it neatly contains my plethora of cards (I am a shopaholic, after all. My AMEX? Never leave home without it.). This little gem has the bonus of having RFID blocking technology. That means an extra layer of security, particularly when traveling. This baby has 16 card slots and zippered pockets for cash or receipts.

For The Woman Who Likes To Make A Statement: A Conversation Starting Handbag

Look at it! What fashionista wouldn't be in love? Now, this is not a practical, every day bag. Who needs more of those boring things? This is a statement bag. This is the bag you take to brunch to make your friends ask, in awe, "Where did you get that?" It's also the bag you tote to your family Christmas party where your mother in law asks, in disgust, "Where did you get that?" Either way, you're the talk of the town!

For The Woman Still Building Her Wardrobe Basics: A Neutral Leather Belt

Belts seem so basic. I can only assume that's why most of us have too few of them in our wardrobes. Yet despite their basicness, they are a wardrobe necessity. They define waists, hold up stretchy jeans, and help us out when we're "between sizes". Many an outfit have been saved by the un-ubiquitous belt. This one is beautiful, in a neutral color, designed (hopefully) to last. The hardware was the kicker for me: a beautiful gold tone in a non-traditional shape.

For The Woman Who Thinks Shackets Are For Lumberjacks: The Cropped Shacket

Who even made up that word? Shacket. Ugh. I'm not an outdoor activities kind of gal (although I did get into hiking this year. I know, weird.). So I have no use for clothing that makes you look like you are an outdoor activities kind of gal. Like, that whole apres-ski trend? No, thank you. But I digress. My point is: shackets aren't my thing...unless it's this super cute, cropped version in a take on winter white. I'm. So. In. Love. And your shuns-all-things-axe-related giftee will be too.

For The Woman Who Doesn't Have Time For Nail Salons: Press On Manicure

I have long been a fan of the press on manicure. I've tried at least two handfuls of brands, but I always come back to these. The Impress brand last longest and has the nicest range of colors and designs. I also love that they come in a variety of lengths for those of us who don't want to look like Cardi B.

SHOP: imPRESS Color Press-On Nails (I linked to the ones on Amazon, but you can pick these up in any drugstore. For a gift, I'd suggest purchasing an array of styles/colors so they can have a new mani every remaining week of the winter!)

For The Woman Who Thinks Everyday Is A Celebration: Confetti Earrings

I have a similar pair of these little bundles of joy. They make me so happy that I am inclined to wear them with everything. Thankfully they have this fun confetti that includes a multitude of colors so that I can wear them with everything. They feel like a party and would be perfect to wear this New Year's Eve - even if her only plans are to sit on the couch and watch the Times Square countdown. She'll feel so festive.

For The Woman Who Wants To Feel Special: Layered Initial Necklace

With an unusual name, I never got to feel that little rush of excitement you get when you spot your name on a key chain. I can't go into a gift shop and buy a name necklace off the rack. But I could always find my initial. And in my own way, I got to be Carrie Bradshaw with her signature nameplate necklace. It was just a truncated version. But nonetheless special. And your gift recipient will feel the same way. Especially when she realizes that all the work of finding the right layering necklaces is done for her.

For The Woman Who Can't Bring Herself To Pull The Trigger On The Lululemon "It" Bag: A Dupe Of The Lululemon "It" Bag

It's always out of stock anyway. So save her the agony and buy her this cute little belt bag instead. Many reviewers claim it's a pretty good dupe and the price tag is perfect for last minute gifters. And it's in stock! And it arrives before Christmas! And she'll look like a trendsetter - which is the most important perk of all.

For The TRUE Fashionista: An Iconic History of Black Models

Real fashionistas don't just love clothes. They also love the history behind the clothes. Which makes this coffee table book a particularly great gift. Full of beautiful photos, this book looks at how black women broke fashion barriers and helped to usher in an new era of diversity and inclusion.

For The Woman Who Wants To Wake Up Cute: Satiny Scrunchies

If you have hair long enough to put into a ponytail, these should be an essential. They keep your hair up and out of the way while you sleep, avoiding smooshed strands and frizz. Because of the satiny material you'll avoid the breakage other hair ties can cause. And no more waking up to a reflection with crazy hair! Despite their virtuous nature, I'm surprised by the number of folks who don't own satin scrunchies. You can change this. In one simple gift. I promise, they'll thank you in the morning.


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