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The Basic Blazer: Zara Basic Blazer

It's late. You're buzzed. All those frou-frou cocktails got to you. Thank goodness for Uber. Upon letting yourself in, you immediately shrug off your go-to blazer - the one with the notched lapels and perfectly placed button. Sometimes you wear it to pull your outfit together. Other times you wear it to add effortless cool. It doesn't seem to matter what you throw that blazer over, it elevates everything. Even tossing it over the back of your dining room chair makes it look more sophisticated. Jacket off, you fall into bed, makeup and all. Morning brings smoky-er eyes and the kind of bedhead you couldn't replicate if you tried. A text invitation for coffee means you only have time to brush your teeth and change into a carefree dress. Okay, and a little sprucing of the makeup. Lipstick smears are not sexy. But last night's blazer that you now throw over your shoulders on the way out is. Toodle-oo!


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