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The All Inclusive Dress: A New Day Long Sleeve Tiered Dress from Target

6:52 pm. I'm taking one last twirl in front of the mirror. I'm on my way to meet my BFF at one of the several nice, but not TOO nice, restaurants at this all-inclusive Mexican resort. This tiered dress from Target is perfect. It's loose enough to accommodate the amount of food I plan to indulge in. It is also chic enough for a twirl at the bar later in the evening. The lightweight fabric can withstand the warm days. Layer an oversized denim jacket over it, and it can withstand the ocean breeze. Walk on the beach anyone?

This is a fantasy, of course. I'm actually sitting at my desk, wishing the weather to be warm. But if I was going to a Mexican resort, I'd pack this all inclusive dress. 100%.

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