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Looking For Fall Fashion Trends To Fall In Love With Right Now?

Are you still working on a fall fashion shopping list - even though fall is almost half over? OR, are you like me, living in an area where fall weather is just starting to tease you? Either way, I've got the fashion trends you should be adding to your shopping list right now.

With the quality of fakes being so good, who needs real fur? Want a full on jacket in the color of the season (blush pink, BTW)? Or a faux fur scarf to add a touch of texture? Either way, the options are endless.

There's never a bad time to wear sequins. You can wear them all glammed up for a party or girls' night out. But they can be casual: add skinny jeans or a simple button down shirt to make a splash during the day.

This season is all about the knit wear - and the chunkier, the better! From sweater dresses to oversized cable knits, you have permission to keep embracing the cozy life - even when you're away from home.

There's something about leather, isn't there? It's edgy and chic all at once. This trend is a hold-over from last fall, so if you missed the goodness the first time around, you can get in on it now.

Boho babes and Print Mixers, rejoice! This season's patchwork is fresh, modern, and vintage inspired. Experiment with patchwork in everything from denim to leather.

Add some shine to your wardrobe basics by adding metallic - from hair accessories to shoes. It's an easy way to add a little edge to your every d


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