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It Started With A Conversation Over Breakfast...

... A Sunday, to be exact. A Keurig brewed cup of coffee in front of me to replace my normal tall, vanilla, almond milk latte from Starbucks. I was days into a self-imposed quarantine while the world tried to contain the ominous COVID-19. Perhaps I was going a little stir crazy, or maybe it was too many days in a row of athleisure, but the thought came to me that I needed an outlet. I needed a reason to delve into my closet and get dressed again.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Me: You know what, I’m going to sit down and finally re-launch my blog. I’ve got some extra time while I’m self-quarantined. Why not?

Also Me: That’s a terrible idea. Who wants to read about fashion and style and outfits in the middle of a pandemic? People are going to find you very self-absorbed as if you have no consideration for humankind.

Me: Eh, maybe you’re right. People are awfully focused on finding toilet paper and not getting sick. … It’s pretty depressing, isn’t it?

Also Me: Yeah. That’s why this is a lousy time to be launching such a frivolous blog. Why bother?

Me: Hmm. … But don’t you think we could all use a break from the endless streams of lousy news? And, someday, people are going to have to get back to their lives. Don’t you think they could use some shopping and style advice to pocket for later? Besides, fashion is therapeutic.

Also Me: Therapeutic? Seriously?

Me: Okay, well, it is for me.

Also Me: That’s because you’re a shopaholic. Tuesday, there are a million fashion bloggers out there. You’ll get lost in the noise.

Me: You might be right, but who cares? None of those people are me! I don’t have to reach millions of people. Just one would be enough.

Also Me: One? One person is worth your time?

Me: One person is worth my time. There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when you’ve helped them find the perfect item that will make them feel – and look – amazing. Makes my heart sing. It sparks joy.

Also Me: Ha. Well. You at least sound passionate about it. Do you really think it will work? Do you really think even one person will care? Do you think this is the right time?

Me: Nope, I don’t know if it will work or if anyone will care. I won’t know until I try. And if now isn’t the right time, when is?

Also Me: Perhaps you have a point.

Me: Perhaps I do. I think I better get to work.

Also Me: I suppose you better.


Welcome to the re-launch of From Tuesday, With Love: A shopping and style blog dishing everyday advice for everyday women to help them feel beautiful every day. My advice is the fruit of a decades-long shopping addiction and a formidable career in the retail industry. I’ve helped women of all ages, shapes, and sizes find everything from the perfect pair of earrings to the perfect dress for their biggest day. And now I’m sharing all the things I know with all of you. Enjoy.


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