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You Need Me To Be Your Fashionable Fairy God-Auntie

you need me

I have pondered whether to come back to writing this blog. If you've never written a blog or been a content creator, let me tell you, it's WORK. You've got to be consistent. You've got to be creative. You've got to be consistently creative. And you might need a little hustle.

While I am creative (most of the time...I admit to being in a bit of a rut lately), I am NOT consistent. And Hustle? I don't know her.

So why? Why am I back?

You. It's all about you. YOU are the reason I had to get back to this work. I had to think about all the people asking me for style advice. I had to think about everyone influenced by my shopping and style. I had to think about you. You need a fashionable friend. You need me as your fashionable fairy god-auntie, full of style, wit, and magic.

So here I am. For you.


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