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The NYE Outfit Alternative: Accessories

The New Year’s Eve outfit: theoretically the least worn items of clothing in your wardrobe. The lame dress? The sequin jacket? The velvet pants? When will they ever see the light of day again? We could, of course, theorize how to wear them beyond the clink of champagne glasses... But what are the odds?

I posit the entrance of the accessory. Rather than dropping tons of coins on a one-wear outfit, consider dropping fewer coins on stunning accessories. It’s good for your wallet, your closet, and (likely) the environment. Think about it: Suzy is sure to remember the spectacular sequin top you wore last year, but how likely is she to remember the sizzling earrings? While you'll pull those earrings out for some other special occasion, what will you do with that top?

Here's my solution: keep the outfit low drama. Go for shades of black, dark denim, forgettable but still snazzy stilettos. Maybe a navy blazer. But go BIG on the accessories. Glam earrings, sparkly bangles, and enough zirconia necklaces to make folks wonder. Zazzle the room with your breadth of accessories. Then let people coo over the fabulous NYE outfit that they won’t remember.

Next year? Change up the outfit base (hello, photos!) and rearrange the jewels in new and unexpected ways. Add a new piece (this could become a tradition!) and awe your friends over and over again.

Away with one-time outfits that will forever languish in your closet. Hello to baubles that will delight year after year! Happy New Year!

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