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4 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Leggings

Elevate Your Leggings

Without a doubt, jeans are my go-to casual wear. But even this fashion plate can't live on jeans alone. Sometimes all you want is a good pair of stretchy leggings. Blame WFH life. But what are we going to do when quarantine comes to an end and we have to go back to work? Will we have to give up our stretch waist staple? Noooooooo!

Let me give you four easy tips to take the "leggings life" right into your "new reality" (whatever that is). Long live leggings!

Elevate your leggings: add a blazer

A blazer is something that every woman should have in her closet. It's the quickest way to take a pair of leggings to professional status. This also goes for jeans and other casual wear. I'm not sure what it is about a blazer that says, "I'm in charge!" but it works. Go with it. Something that fits closer to the body will keep the whole silhouette streamlined.

Elevate your leggings: choose a long, black pair

A full-length legging looks and feels more like pants (because the point is to take this staple beyond your living room). A matte, black legging has the most versatility, but if you can, splurge on a good pair of faux leather ones as well. They're sexy and tell people you mean business.

Elevate your leggings: add a feminine top

To keep your look from going down the athleisure rabbit hole, add a top that looks flirty and feminine. No cropped tees or fitted tanks. Nothing that would make you look gym ready with a change of shoes or the loss of your jacket. Selecting something that floats over the hips will give you coverage and balance.

Elevate your leggings: Wear a shoe with height

Shoes determine the direction your look goes. A flat sandal or athletic shoe (even a fashion sneaker) takes your leggings into casual territory. A shoe with height will elongate the leg and keep you looking chic.

See there! No need to give up the leggings you've been living in for the last six weeks. With a few tips, you can carry on living the stretchy pants life - just, please, throw them in the washer before wearing them in public.


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