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good style is (not so) hard to find.

Tired of DIYing your style? Too busy for boxes full of fashion you don't know what to do with? Yeah, trying to look good every day can be a chore. Which is the last thing you need. You need easy, don't-make-me-work-harder-than-I-already-do solutions. I get it. Grab a glass of wine and let's chat. Finding your style (and knowing what to buy!) is easier than it looks. Promise!

Welcome to Style Therapy


Let's explore your personal style TOGETHER. No impersonal style quiz necessary! 

Striped Yellow Shirt

Rapid Diagnosis

Get the style essentials without a lot of hassle. Get in, get out, get done!

Yellow Sandals

Signature Diagnosis

Get a clear roadmap of what your closet needs and where to find it. No more DIY style!

Yellow Knitted Scarf

Complete Diagnosis

No time? No problem. This is the concierge-style experience you've been looking for.