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Signature Style Diagnosis

when you're so, SO done with DIY style

You've spent hours in the mall and left with nothing.

You've tried style boxes with limited success.

You want new clothes, but treasure hunts aren't really your thing. Neither is trial and error. Seriously, who has the time?

The Style Therapy: Signature Style Diagnosis is designed for busy women who want a clear roadmap of what they need and where to find it (you might not even mind if someone else did the shopping sometimes).
If you're the type who likes to get to the result without all the DIY, then Style Therapy is for you!

Does any of this sound like you:

Let's fix this!

The Signature Style Diagnosis Includes:

Personalized Style Review

Let's find your style with an in-depth analysis of your current life and style. Includes a virtual get-to-know-you chat + a review of your style board to spot trends and items essential to your unique style.  

Shopping Prescription

Everything you need for a stylish wardrobe! Includes a suggested basics list + a curated mood board full of items you need to build your personalized wardrobe + a suggested shopping directory. All are completely shoppable, personalized, and delivered to your inbox!

Bonus! Style Board To Go!

A handcrafted mood board in photo format that you can use for quick reference or share with a styling box service


Get Style Surrogacy, My Virtual Shopping Experience For Just $19!

Don’t have time to hunt for the pieces you need? Let me do the shopping and deliver results (up to 5 items in a single session) directly to you! This is a $49 service for only $19 - a 40% savings!But it's only valid if you schedule before October 1, 2021! (Applies to first session only. Other restrictions apply.)

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Get started
for just $199
(the relief is free.
you're welcome.)

The Signature Style Diagnosis is valued at $559, but honestly, the bada$$ in me wants to honor the bada$$ in you. So why not with a little reward?

I know you'll find this diagnosis helpful and - more importantly - effortless, so I'm making it super affordable - like you'll only have to forfeit one spa day affordable.

So let's get started today! I've got availability to have our first chat on:
September 14
September 21
September 28

When you book, you'll simply indicate which Tuesday you'd like to begin, submit your payment, and then you'll receive a confirmation receipt from me automatically. At that point, I'll reach out to confirm your call and get started on your Style Therapy!
P.S. Want to talk to me first before you book? Sure thing! Here's my contact info: Reach out anytime!