On a Tablet

Rapid Style Diagnosis

when you just need to know what you need to know

You've got tons of clothing but nothing to wear.

You think you know your style but aren't sure what pieces you need to get the look.

You're busy. Need we say more?

The Style Therapy: Rapid Style Diagnosis is designed for busy women who want a quick grocery list of what they need to have in their closet, based on their unique style. If you're the type who wants to get in and get out without a lot of hand-holding, then this is the Style Therapy for you!

Does any of this sound like you:

Let's fix this!

Rapid Style Diagnosis Includes:

Personalized Style Review

Let's review your style board (you know, the one you created during the 5-Day Style Challenge? Haven't taken it? Start here!) to spot trends and items essential to your unique style.  

Essentials Checklist

The essential items you need for a stylish wardrobe! Includes a completely shoppable list of suggested basics delivered to your inbox!

Exclusive! Get Access To Style Surrogacy, My Virtual Shopping Experience

Don’t have time to hunt for the pieces you need? Let me do the shopping and deliver results (up to 5 items in a single session) directly to you! This service is currently open exclusively to my Style Therapy clients who schedule before October 1, 2021! It's the #1 reason for getting started today!

On a Tablet

Get started for just $49
(that's a sale you can't walk away from!)

The Rapid Style Diagnosis is valued at $149, but honestly, I don't want you waffling over whether you're worth it (and, btw, YOU ARE).

I know this quickie diagnosis super helpful, so I'm making it super affordable - like you'll only have to downgrade your Starbucks order for a week affordable.

Awesome! Let's get started today! I've got availability to review your style board on:
September 14
September 21
September 28

When you book, you'll simply indicate which Tuesday you'd like to begin, submit your payment, and then you'll receive a confirmation receipt from me automatically. At that point, I'll reach out to schedule your style review and quickly get you the info you need to get shopping!
P.S. Want to talk to me first before you book? Sure thing! Here's my contact info: email@fromtuesday.com. Reach out anytime!