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Unbox With Me! Amazon Personal Shopper Box // March 2020

I'm not gonna lie. This whole stay at home situation feels pretty bleak. It's compounded by the fact that life is not cooperating either. Life is definitely not taking a break due to COVID-19. While I'm committed to staying home for the sake of my loved ones and my community, and I'm grateful for all I am blessed with, this is a tough season. There are a few bright spots. Most of them involve fashion. Like when my Amazon Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe box shows up. Although funds are restricted, a new shirt or skirt feels like a necessary indulgence. I filmed this unboxing video before things got crazy, but rewatching it brings me joy. Scroll down to see what I kept and why!

I decided to keep the Ella Moss jeans. Despite my hesitations on the length, I loved the fit, the flare, and that snakeskin tuxedo stripe!

The fit was so spot on that I tracked down another pair of Ella Moss jeans on Poshmark. I have to say that I love them, too.

Have you worn Ella Moss jeans or given Amazon Personal Shopper a try? Shoot me a DM on Instagram to tell me about your experience!


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